Business Banking

Business Checking Account

Commodore Business Checking accounts have all the features you expect for business banking with just a $500 minimum balance to avoid monthly and per debit item fees.

Business Online Banking

Run your business and save time, paperwork, and money.  View your business accounts and establish one-time and recurring payments, transfer funds, and pay bills.

Business Loans

The dynamics of your business are unique to you and we understand that.  Our dedicated lenders work to tailor a perfect fit for your financing needs.  We offer the flexibility necessary to provide a quick response and the proper solution for your business.

CATO Prevention Tips

Corporate Account Takeover, or CATO, is the business equivalent of identity theft and is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes and industries.


With our state-of-the-art online banking, you can run your business and save time, paperwork and money. Use Commodore Bank’s Online Banking to view your business accounts, establish one-time and recurring transfers and loan payments and pay bills.

Online Banking

  • Review and monitor your account activity and balances
  • View current or the previous month’s statements and Images, reflecting activity for your checking, money market, and statement savings accounts
  • Transfer funds between your Commodore Bank accounts
  • Schedule automatic fund transfers between your accounts at Commodore Bank, including loan payments
  • Enter stop payments on your checking accounts
  • Download transaction information to popular finance software programs
  • Cost: Free
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Securely pay your bills online to any person or business in the US (you cannot pay child support or any government agency such as the IRS through any bill payment service).
  • Schedule future and recurring payments
  • Customize your own payee list to make recurring payments quick and easy
  • Easily make automatic scheduled payments
  • Cancel or reschedule payments and transfers
  • Download payment transactions to popular finance software programs
  • Online Bill Pay is set up to access funds from your checking account at Commodore Bank


Just a $500 Minimum Balance
When you keep a $500.00 minimum daily balance, you will avoid monthly and per debit item fees. Should your balance drop below $500.00, a monthly service charge of $3.50 will be imposed along with a $0.15 cent per debit item.

Unlimited Deposits
There will be no fee for deposit items.

Dormant Accounts
Any account remaining dormant for 1 year, a fee or $1.00 per month will be assessed.


Monthly Service Charges or Membership Fees Note: Per item charges and other fees may apply.
Business & Regular Checking (Waived if balance is over $500 for entire cycle) $3.50
Commodore Club (If balance falls below $250 during the cycle) $8.00
Commodore Advantage $6.00
Commodore Gold $5.00
NOW, Super NOW, and IMMF Accounts $6.00
Other Fees
Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Fee (Per debit/check paid or returned) $31.00
Stop Payments (ACH and Check debits) $28.00
Wire Transfers (Outgoing) $21.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming) $10.00
Foreign Wire Transfers (Outgoing) $51.00
Account Research $21.00/Hour
Account Reconciliation $21.00/Hour
Statement Check Images (50 Items or Less) No Charge
Statement Check Images (Over 50 items) $3.00
Temporary or Archived Statements $4.00
Image Copy $2.00
Faxes $2.00
Notary Fee (Non-Customer) $2.00
Money Orders (Each) $3.00
Money Orders (With Club, Advantage & Gold Checking) $1.50
Cashier’s Checks $6.00
Cashier’s Checks (With Commodore Advantage & Gold) $3.00
Copies (Per Page) $1.00
Counter Checks (Qty 10 checks) $2.00
ATM Replacement Card or PIN (after 1st Occurrence) $6.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (depending on size) $20-60/year
Safe Deposit Late Payment Fee $4.00-12.00
Safe Deposit Box Lock Replacement $105.00
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement $25.00
Loan Pay-Off Request (Via Fax) $21.00
Gift Cards (Per Card) $4.00
Loan Coupon Book $6.00
Currency Bags (Zipper or Locked) $6-21/bag
Return Deposit Item $8.00
Garnishment/Tax levy $30.00
Telephone Transfer No Charge
Dormant Account Fee $3.00
Commodore Bank Fees
Effective as of October 1, 2017
Archived Statements-each $4.00
ATM/Debit replacement $6.00
Copies - per page $1.00
Currency Bag – Zipper $6.00
Currency Bag – Lock $21.00
Fax $2.00
Gift Cards $4.00
Image Research/Reconciliation $21/hour
Money Orders $1.99
Club, Advantage, Gold $0.99
Cashier’s Check $6.00
Advantage, Gold $3.00
Notary $2.00
Overdraft/NSF $31.00
Stop Payment $28.00
Wire Transfer $21.00
Foreign Wire $51.00


We understand commercial customers, because we are in business too. But our business is to help you be successful.

Are you applying for a small business, commercial real estate or commercial loan? Let us assist with tips, online applications and other documentation that you will need. If at any time, you'd like to speak with a business banker, just drop by one of our locations or contact us.  The below documents are in Adobe's PDF format. To read them you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  • Agricultural Loans
    Our lenders will work with you to find the right combination of operating lines, equipment, or real estate financing. We work together with you to find the best possible products and services that meet the needs of the individual farming operations.
  • Business Equipment and Term Loans
    We will work with you to evaluate and structure financing for a fixed-asset purchase such as equipment, vehicles, or furniture and fixtures. Term loans may also be used to restructure debt, finance expansion or provide permanent working capital. Various terms are available to meet your needs with fixed or variable interest rates.
  • Letters of Credit
    We offer both a Standby and a Documentary Letter of Credit. These are designed to facilitate business between buyers and sellers, generally at a long distance. A loan application is required for the consideration of a letter.
  • Lines of Credit
    Need a short-term loan to pursue a new opportunity? Lines of Credit allow you to react quickly to cyclical or sudden cash needs, while conserving your working capital. Approved for one year, and reviewed annually, qualified businesses can receive a line of credit, to be drawn upon as needed. We offer variable rate and interest-only payment solutions.
  • Commercial Real Estate
    When it comes to Commercial Real Estate, our terms are flexible, working with you to find the best solution for your industrial, office, or retail property, whether it be owner occupied or an non-owner occupied investment property.
  • Multi-Family Non-owner Occupied
    Commodore Bank also offers competitive rates on real estate loans for Multi-Family Investment Properties. These loans are used to purchase multi-family properties (5+ units) for investment purposes.
  • Commercial Construction
    Our Commercial Construction loan provides funding to businesses for commercial owner-occupied construction. You'll save time because there's just one closing, and save money thanks to our competitive rates. Loan funds are disbursed in stages following the construction (subject to verification; interest only on funds advanced during construction). Call to find out more about our flexible terms and fast decision making process.