SBA – PPP Forgiveness Application

Please note:  This application is for PPP Forgiveness.  From the date your loan was administered in 2021, you have 8 to 24 weeks to spend that loan.

Step 1

Download the PPP Forgiveness Application at the link below.  Complete the form and scan or take a picture of the file and save as a PDF, JPG, or PNG.  You will upload this later.


Step 2

You will be required to submit supporting documents to show how you used your loan.  You are eligible to spend 100% of the loan on eligible expenses over an 8-24 week period after you received the loan.  This will include:

1.  Relevant payroll documentation (required).  This can either be:

Third Party Payroll or Copies of Paychecks written to yourself and employees (common if you are self employed or a sole proprietor)

2.  If you spend less than 100% of the loan on payroll, we will need additional documentation.  Primarily, this will be a copy of:

Mortgage, Rent or Utilities over the covered period.

3.  Uf you still haven’t reached 100% of loan forgiveness with payroll, mortgage/rent and utilities, contact [email protected] or [email protected] and we will work with you on other eligible expenses.